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iv hydration

IV Hydration

IV hydration involves the administration of fluids directly into the bloodstream through an IV line. This method quickly delivers a combination of electrolytes, vitamins, and fluids to rehydrate the body and replenish essential nutrients.

Micro-needling Therapy

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Weight Loss Consultation

I will perform an intake assessment for what you are consuming into your body on a regular basis. I will also Identify other important information such as your specific goals, your current situation, and more.

Vitamin Injections

Having unbalanced vitamin levels can lead to symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, dizziness and many other symptoms. If you think you may have unbalanced vitamins, we recommend getting checked out to ensure your levels are acceptable.

Capivation lasers are cutting-edge devices that utilize advanced laser technology to captivate and stimulate specific target areas, often in medical or cosmetic procedures. These lasers deliver precise and controlled energy to induce various effects, such as tissue rejuvenation, hair removal, or tattoo removal, making them versatile tools in the field of aesthetics and healthcare.

Capivation Laser Therapy

Sick Visit

I offer acute health care for any of my established patients. Acute care is a type of medical attention focused on treating sudden and severe illnesses or injuries that require immediate and short-term intervention to help patients recover quickly.

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